Mixed Media & Abstract Photography


I live and work in the United States. 

At University I studied Fine Art, starting out focusing on experimental studies, yet changing my focus and graduating with an degree in Aesthetics.  At the same time I studied Developmental Psychology, graduating with a Psychology degree focused in Thanatology.  I then went on to complete my master's degree in Art & Aesthetics - with additional postgraduate work and dissertation in the History of Aesthetics.  I currently continue my education, on a variety of subjects through The University of Oxford.

For several years my artwork concentrated fully on mixed media painting.  It is quite recently that I have begun to work more with photography based mixed media. This website explores a very small sample of my more recent mixed media work only. The pieces begin with photographs originating in 25 countries over the past 12 years.

I have often lectured on the history of Aesthetics.  I have also done a limited amount of museum and archival work.  Daily, I live in the high desert mountains of the southwest and when I am not working on mixed media photography,  I am  traveling, writing and working with 19th Century Mourning Ephemera.





Bubonic Bliss