Within the snapshots of passage remain manipulated imprints etched into humanity over periods of growth, stagnation and decay.  Change as a process ultimately shapes us and that is rarely confined to the beautiful or dignified. 

From physical growth to societal decay, my work deals with bringing forth representations of change as a core and cyclical constant.  Pieces created with a glimpse of specific imagery representative of stages of change - and at times a dichotomy between those stages.

I go through a very physical process of building up layers, destroying and rearranging my images in order to rebuild them again - digitally, as well as with paint, charcoal, sanding and various inks.  I often shoot through abandoned doorways and windows or arrange imagery into associative shapes that represent a threshold of physical passage as a way of visually reinforcing symbolic progression.  I also repeat images to maintain a cyclical feel and frequently blur or otherwise distort areas of my work to evoke a more equivocal environment.  I almost always use monotone color schemes to stylize specific themes within each individual series that I am working with.

I generally begin with images from my own environment, photographs that I shoot in and around the US Southwest...though glimpses of other parts of the United States, North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa can also be seen in my work.




Theatre Ascetica